•lyrics and vocal for the album "built on blood", 5grs band, 2017
•Songwriter and Vocalist of "Astaneh" Theater, Tehran 2016

•Lead Vocal of "Arte" band in Kavkaz Jazz festival,Tbilisi,2016

•Studio vocal for the album of Arte, April 2015
•Singing A single Track for the "Sad Monster Party " with  the name of Night Rapter Dragon Chicago, 2014
•Vocal Chanting for the Movie" Zob Shodan Padeshah",Tehran, 2014
•Vocal and Founder of an Iranian female rock band called "Chameleon", September 2013
• Lead vocal of “5grs” band in Arm fest, Armenia, Yerevan, 2013
• Vocal in “Thunder” rock- country band concerts, Iran, Tehran, 2012-2013
• Lead vocal of “5grs” band in Persian Metal Festival, Armenia, Yerevan, Summer 2012
• Leader of the choir band in Ra’ad NGO for disable student, Iran, Tehran, November 2011 – 2014 
• Studio vocal and lyricist for the metal album “Lets Crush”, Spring 2011
• Singer and pianist in the traditional Iranian band Keyhan concerts in Iran, 2010-2011
• Studio vocal and lyricist for the metal album “Access denied”, Fall 2009
• Vocal chanting for the movie “Hamishe PayeYek Zan Dar Mian Ast” by Kamal Tabrizi, Winter 2008
• Vocal chanting for a television series " Istgah ", Fall 2008
• Singing traditional for plays and rehearsals in Molavi Hall Festival 2007
• Back vocalist in the “Irania” band, 2005-2007
• Vocal chanting and pianist for the movie “Aramesh Miane Mordegan”, Fall 2005
• Vocal in “Ghogha” band in 22nd Fajr Music Festival, Winter 2004
• Lead singer in underground rock concert with Arash Radan's band, summer 2003


• Jury for 15 times at  Sanam Pasha Vocal Contest, 2008 - 2016
• RockIran Festival, Winter 2012
• Keynote speaker in "Iranian traditional singing, registers and vocal technics" for vocal instructors,  Tehran, Iran June 2012
• Lectured in "Music Genres After War World II" seminar about different music genres, Iran2009


• Professional Vocalist

• Vocal Coach
• Songwriter

• Expert in Recording with Sonar
• Expert in writing scores with Finale software
• Piano Player


Teaching Experiments as a vocal instructor since 2007-Present
Vocal training 
Helping vocalists to improve their voice muscles 
Instructing vocalists to read and write musical notations
Rock and Blues Vocal Coach at Hatra music Institute


•Certificate of Appreciation from Department of Animation - Soore University, December 2017

•Certificate of Competition 7th Kavkaz jazz festival, June 2016

 •Membership of the Instructors of Iran Music House, 2014
•The best scream singer at Arm rock fest, International rock competition April 2013
• Certificate of Appreciation Rock Iran winter 2012
• Solfeggio instructor’s permit from the Ministry of Culture, Winter 2011
• The Audience’s first choice for Composing, Mazmour festival winter 2011
• Certificate of Appreciation from Ra’ad Rehabilitation Goodwill Organization 2011 fall

• Berklee Celebrity scholarship in the name of singer/songwriter, Patty Larkin. Winter 2010

• Certificate of Appreciation from the Iranian Artists Forum, 2009


Composing music for the Animation of "What's the difference between me and a froget" by Ehsan Nasri
Songwriting for 2 parts of the theater "Astane" by Elahe Moonesi 2016

Composing music for the theater " the one who said yes, the one who said no" by Majid Rahmati 2017

Composing music For the musical theater "Life for Life" by Reza Bahrami 2016

Composing music for 7 Theaters by Roohollah Jafari
1-The Cherry Orchard 
2-The Little Prince
4-Blood Wedding
6-The last Godot
2015-City Theater of Tehran 

Composing and singing in a short documentary "Pedar Bozorg Animation Iran" 2011
Composing and singing for short movie "Sangbaran" by Samira Sinae 2008
Composing music for movie "Shabi Dar Tehran" by Mehrdad Kazemi 2007
Composing Music for the theater " Chah Akhshij" Directed by : Mehrav Nouri 2007
Composing Music For the theater with the name of "Piano" at Molavi Hall 2004


• Vocal instructor (November 2010 - Present)
• Ra’ad NGO for disabled students,
• Vocal Training – helping students to improve their voice muscles such as tongue, diaphragm, lips and soft palate
• Instructing students to read and write musical notation
• Rock and metal vocal coach (June 2011 - Present)
Hatra music institute
• Teaching vocal technique to expand the range
• Instructing vocal techniques of rock and metal
• Ear trainer and Iranian traditional vocal coach (February 2010 - September 2011)
Hatef music institute
• Lectured Iranian unique vocal characteristics
• Instructed Radif, scales, pitch, rhythm and intervals for Iranian traditional vocal
• Music theory and Solfeggio Instructor (March 2008 – June 2011)
Broumand Institute
• Instructed reading and writing of musical notation and working with scales, intervals, and chords Music theory and traditional Iranian vocal Instructor (April 2007 – June 2009)
Avaye Nick Institute
• Use scales, intervals, for Iraninan music
• Iranian vocal characteristics , Iranian different Melismas


• Composing music for movie “Shabi Dar Tehran” by Mehrdad Kazemi, Fall 2007
• Composing and singing for a short movie “Sangbaran” by Samira Sinae, Winter 2008
• Composing and singing in a short documentary “Pedare Bozorge Animatione Iran“ by Taha Ghanimi fard , Summer 2011