Sanam Pasha staged the first all female rock band show in Iran

Sanam Pasha staged the first all female rock band show in Iran

“Laguh alone , Dance alone , Fight alone”

It rarely happens, that you would see only the women in a concert hall. Women who had come to support their favorite band in an industry which is dominated by men. But, August 26, Niavaran Cultural Center was the host to the first all-female rock band show in Iran.

Sanam Pasha and her band who were able to sell out the tickets to their show in only 2 days, staged a spectacular and unique show last night.

Despite the fact that the audience hadn’t heard of the songs and despite all the limitations, the band did their best to involve the audience in their music with the help of stage acts such as video projection screens which featured the lyrics to be sung along by the audience.

At the beginning, the band members were behind a white curtain, and you could only see their shadows and then they gradually showed up on the stage and shouted their lives.

Since the audience hadn’t heard of the lyrics before, (due to the limitations imposed on female singers in Iran), it was difficult for them to sing along the songs but with all the energy they gave to the band, they were able to be part of the show and created a strong dynamic.

Most of the songs were written by Sanam Pasha herself, and they had simple yet principled and epic rhythms, the solos were up to the required and there wasn’t any exaggeration of solos as seen in many rock shows in Iran.

Sanam Pasha, with the help of her mother Zohre Niazmand who was a Persian folk singer learned the Persian folk music and also classical music, but later on she started learning rock and metal music. She is now familiar with many musical styles and last night in the show, she eloquently performed in Rock, Metal, Rhythm and blues, Punk and Funk, she also added the Persian tremolo styles to her music.

The band members, Sanam Pasha (the leading member, vocalist and songwriter), Armina Jafari (drums), Rima Hasanzadeh (Bass guitar), Bita Sadeghi (guitar), Forooq Fazli (keyboard), played 11 songs. One of the songs called “lalaei” (translated as Lullaby, lyrics written by Nima Rahdari) was dedicated by Sanam Pasha to her first teacher, her mother. the backing vocals of the song was performed by Sanam Pasha`s daughters, Ava and Nava.

Another special moment in the show was the performance of the song “Tanhaee” (translated as “loneliness”) in which, Sanam Pasha requested the audience to sing along the chorus, and the whole concert hall shouted:

“Laugh alone, Dance alone. Fight alone, get used to the loneliness”


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